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If you’re looking for a complete, no hassle Provider & Referral Management System that won’t cost you a fortune, and has a proven track record of satisfied customers behind it. GST CRIS© (Childcare Referral Information System) is just what you’re looking for!

GST CRIS© offers comprehensive systems for managing everything from your most complicated referral calls to all the intricacies of maintaining and managing a complete database of childcare Providers.

GST CRIS© even comes with a built-in geographic database that allows you to locate and find the distances to the nearest childcare Providers with just the click of a button. It also produces a complete Referral Letter in English or Spanish. Now includes a TrustLine Provider Management System!

GST CRIS—Version 7.0.2...why not make your life a little easier!!!
GST CRIS Version 7.0.2 offers the following:
Comprehensive Provider Management System for contacts, licensing, services, rates & fees, subsidies
Comprehensive Referral Management System for call type, actions needed, child & schedule information
Geographic Interface to Map Locations and distance to Nearest Providers
Security Database for Logins & Permissions
Choose from numerous existing Reports
Prints Referral and Sign-In Labels
Adhoc custom query and Report Builder
Built-in Online Help System
Comprehensive Documentation and Users Guide
Interfaces with CAPPS/CARE© Alternate Payment System

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