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Grant Application Fund Tracking System
Version 2.7.1
GST FundRight© is a data capture, tracking & reporting system for public, private and non-profit agencies responsible for distribution and monitoring of Grant Application Funding. GST FundRight© computerizes the processes of:

Application Submission for logging & recording application information;

Preliminary Screening of application for requirements;

Reader Scoring assignments, capture of scoring results including detailed reader comments, individual scores, & consensus meetings for scoring disparities;

Selection Recommendation Panel approval/denial process for distributing funding amounts by categories and service areas, updates & instantaneous reporting/monitoring of recommended funding amount comparison with funding round target thresholds;

Site Review/Negotiation funding adjustments;
Commission/Governing Body funding adjustments;
Numerous Reports for you & your governing boards.

Try GST FundRight© ...and let us help you Fund Right!!

GST FundRight© offers the following:
Administrative functions for setting Funding Round Parameters, Reader Conflicts of Interest, Assigning Reader Scorers to Applications, Managing user logons and permissions, Contact information for Reader Scorers & Panel Participants, and much more
Automated Application receipts and folder labels in seconds.
Application Agency & Tax ID cross-reference
Comprehensive Application Data Input/Retrieval Screens.
Geographic component for distributing funding based upon Service Area statistical needs or user defined distribution
Capture of individual Reader Scorer comments/scores & scoring discrepancies
Comprehensive Selection Recommendation Panel dollar distribution module
Numerous imbedded Reports
Customized Versions and/or modules


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