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Early Childhood Education Stipend/Linkage System
Version 3.1.1
GST SmartCARES© is a data capture, tracking & reporting system used by agencies responsible for distributing child care educational incentive stipends funded under the C.A.R.E.S. Program (and/or other funding sources). GST SmartCARES© computerizes the processes of:

Application Submission for logging & recording basic application submission information; issuing receipt numbers/dates, and applicant ID numbers; generating mailing labels for receipt postcards; generating file folder labels; producing various tracking reports & status reports.

Application Information for storing applicant profile & requested stipend information; application status; geographic region; ethnicity/language; current work information; applicant education detail; & employment history information.

Stipend Adjustments for recording reasons for any adjustments in stipend level; checklist of requirements; educational units; Denial checklist; & Priority Ranking system when qualified applicants exceed available funding.

Appeal Process for recording appeal denial reasons; special comments; missing information, etc.

Over 50 Reports for validation; status tracking; funding threshold status; State Reporting extract; Priority ranking; and more...
GST SmartCARES© offers the following:
Issues tracking receipt numbers for applications
Generates mailing labels & file folder labels
Built-in Geographic component for geo-coding applicants addresses for use in GIS & Mapping Software
Issues unique ID’s for applicants
Stores historical data from previous funding rounds
Can pre-load tables of existing child care provider data for selection in Work History
Generates reports of funding target thresholds by level indicating when thresholds exceeded
Easy to use checklists for identifying denial reasons & appeal process reasons
Includes a Priority ranking component for use when applications exceed available funds
Generates PACE Data Extract in Microsoft Excel® format
Numerous pre-built reports for tracking stipend levels, data validation & quality checks, etc.
Much More….

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