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Tract Map Management System
Version 2.4.6

Verification System for use in OPSC New Facility Construction Eligibility:
If you’re a School District/Agency responsible for Managing Growth, Facilities, or Developing Strategic Master Plans, we have a product you shouldn’t be without! GST TractMap Manager© was designed to capture all the information found on your paper tract & parcel maps, along with other related documents. It links together both images and data, generates reports, and it’s quick and easy to use. School Districts can use it to meet the OPSC documentation requirements for tentative and or final map related information.

GST TractMap Manager© centralizes your maps into organized and logically grouped Information Systems. The Tract Map System captures zoning, parcel numbers, lot & dwelling counts, schools, etc. The Map Image System retrieves a scanned bitmap of your map ( allowing you to zoom/pan and print copies). The other four (4) Information Systems capture such things as: various types of notes on the map, ownership, utilities and services, area sizes for such things as street area, open space, and more. The Developer Fee Collection System helps you with tracking and recording developer fee payments (including Agreements, CFD’s, Phases etc.)

GST TractMap Manager© 2005 captures the following types of Information:
Scanned bitmap image of your Maps/Documents (for zoom/pan, printing & historical archiving)
Fee Collection (Agreements Types, CFD’s, Mitigation, Phases, Payment Tracking/History)
Present & Proposed Zoning
Present, Proposed, Adjacent Land Use
Residential & Commercial Lot Counts, Dwelling Unit Counts
School Information
References such as: Owner, Developer, Engineer, Sub-Divider, Architect, etc.
Contact information for Services such as: Water, Gas, Sewer, Electric, Telephone, etc.
Notes such as: General, Development, Easement, Map Description (also confidential)
Areas sizes for such things as: Street, Open Space, Commercial, Park, Site
Supporting Documentation for OPSC


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